Incorporating Baseboards into Modern Minimalist Homes

Modern minimalist room

Installing baseboards is a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetics of your home. Ornate wood baseboards are staples in period and traditional houses, in fact. And they remain popular among homeowners because it instantly adds old-world charm to your home. Homes with a more modern or minimalist bent are a different conversation, however.…

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Enhance Your Home’s Interior with Decorative Crown Mouldings

You don’t have to break walls if you’re planning a major transformation for your home. There are easier ways to enhance the interiors without major construction. You can even perform some of them yourself. One way to make your indoor space appealing is to use high-quality decorative wood trim mouldings. They come in a variety…

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Why You Should Decorate with Superior Quality Wood Moulding

Decorating is not as simple as adding objects to a room. You have to take into consideration the room’s different visual aspects and if the added décor can complement it. As such, it is essential to make an investment with your decorations and buy high-quality products. However, when it comes to decorative wood trim moulding,…

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What Can You Do with Decorative Wood Trim Molding?

Red Oak Live Edge Slab Smooth Finish

New trends in interior design come every season. You want to apply some of these new styles, but pull back later on because of the cost. The good news is you can revitalize an outdated space with decorative wood trim molding. The architectural detail is not only affordable but also quite timeless in its appeal. Hindsight…

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