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Manufactured in Canada

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Manufactured in Canada

OFFICE : (905) 873-6732
Send a text : (416) 995-7376


Wall Designs for an Elegantly-Decorated Room

You do not need to rely on expensive decorations to make a room more elegant. In fact, the most expensive ornaments can make a room look unpleasant if not designed correctly or if mismatched with the rest of the room. Elegance and style can be achieved even with small details and furnishings. If you’re pressed…

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Molding and Trim Give Your Interior Renovations a Polished Look

The addition of a new room, wall, or floor tiles updates a house’s interiors. But the work doesn’t end with the last coat of paint or floor tile. Renovations culminate with the installation of molding and trim, which ultimately give rooms a finished and polished appearance. Although various types are available, we recommend pine moldings…

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More Than Meets the Eye: The Versatility of Baseboards

Baseboards add an aesthetic value to your home. These interior components create a subtle appeal to your walls, providing architectural details that complement your home’s design. But with the right wood baseboard moulding services, this typical wall addition will do more than lend a finished look to your interior space. An Essential Component for Wall…

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