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Decorative & Other Mouldings

Crown and Other Decorative Wooden Mouldings in Brampton

When it comes to decorative wooden mouldings in Ontario, Miskas Wood Products Inc. is the manufacturer you can count on. We primarily serve contractors and homeowners in Georgetown and Brampton.

Decorative wooden mouldings add an aesthetic detail and design to any room. They come in different styles and can be painted or left unprimed. Just look at our selection above, and you’ll find many options for your home. But besides offering you choices, we also deliver craftsmanship and sustainable business practices.

Superior Quality

Miskas Wood Products Inc. has been in the business for more than 17 years now—and one good reason for that is our commitment to superior product quality.

We only use Eastern white pines as materials. This way, we ensure the durability and beautiful aesthetics of our decorative mouldings. We also manufacture our products in a single location. Thus, we have better control of our quality and production schedules throughout the manufacturing process. This, in turn, allows us to guarantee on-time deliveries without compromising the quality of our chair rails, crown mouldings, door stops and other decorative mouldings.

Sustainable Business Practices

We are fortunate to work with a renewable resource—wood. But, we take our commitment to sustainable business practices to another level by implementing a zero waste policy. We make sure that wood pieces that are cut out of lower grade pine get converted into wood chips that local farmers can use as a natural fertilizer.

If you want to know more about our process or request product pricing, give us a call, today.