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Live Edge Slabs

Unique Live Edge Wood Slabs in Brampton

Live edge slabs are wood pieces that have their natural edge. Tree logs are cut into slabs and left with their natural edges on both sides. Most times the bark is removed, however, some pieces with still have the bark attached. They are known to be used for furniture pieces such as small tables, end tables and shelves. They are also great for creating accents in your home. With a little creativity and inspiration customers have used them for signs, cutting boards, head boards and even chess boards.

Live edge wood slabs are one of the best ways to bring a piece of nature into your home. Our assortment of hardwood slabs exudes character, warmth, and tradition. They are an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Whether it be a dining room table, fireplace mantle, or a wall mount, our live edge slab lumber for sale is ready for any form of transformation.

Natural Versatility with Live Edge Slabs

Our selection of wood pieces still has their natural edges because our team cuts tree logs into slabs and leave the edges on both sides. The technique preserves the lumber’s earthy and warm appearance. Most of the time, we remove the bark, although we sometimes leave them be when the design calls for a more natural touch.

Live edge slab boards are great additions to your home. You can transform them into furniture pieces, such as shelves, end tables, or small tables. Some of our customers have used them for cutting boards, signs, and even chess boards.

Sustainability Guaranteed

Miskas Wood Products’ commitment to sustainable business practices involves working primarily with renewable resources. Our products are the fruits of our personal waste management system, which converts all waste into wood chips that serve as natural fertilizer.

We also work with Eastern White Pine, a type of timber native to Ontario to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing transport miles. Additionally, this type of timber doesn’t require chemical treatment to sustain itself and is naturally resistant to decay.

Transform any room of your home with natural furniture pieces and decorative accents made from live edge boards.

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