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Offering Quality Wood Shiplap in Brampton

Installing shiplap is a great way to produce a chic, farmhouse, or cottage-like effect for your home. Moreover, this wooden board type is excellent in transforming a cold and dull space into a welcoming, cozy, and warm interior. If you are looking to purchase shiplap wood in Brampton, turn to Miskas Wood Products.

Home Areas Where You Can Install Shiplap

Traditionally, homeowners install shiplap on the exterior of the building. It is an inexpensive and effective way to clad a structure and shield it against weather elements like rain. If you want to protect your home from the elements of nature, for instance, applying shiplap on your siding is the way to go.

Apart from installing shiplap outside your home, you can opt to use this type of wooden board to enhance your interior. Use shiplap wood to improve these spaces in your home:

  • Living Room – Shiplap is the ideal addition to living room walls that are lacking in warmth and style. You have the option to either install panels of shiplap on the entire living room or apply shiplap on one area to accent a wall. Whatever you choose, shiplap will make your home look and feel as cozy and warm as possible.
  • Bedroom – The options are numerous when designing your bedroom using shiplap. A common style is to accentuate the wall behind the bed with shiplap. Alternatively, installing the wooden board all around and painting the wooden boards with a warm color can transform a drab bedroom into a stylish bedroom.
  • Bathroom – If you want to create a trendy beach effect in your bathroom, shiplap is your best choice.
  • Ceiling – Shiplap is not just for the walls. You can use it on your ceiling, as well. Adding shiplap to your ceiling produces the feeling of more depth in a room. Additionally, extending the shiplap from the walls to the ceiling lets you create a more spacey effect in your room.
Wood Shiplap

Why Choose Us for Your Shiplap Needs

When you order shiplap from us, you will find that the material we use is quality Canadian white pine. Moreover, you have the option of getting your shiplap unprimed, primed, or primed and painted. Rest assured that you will receive only the most exceptional wood products from us.

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Wood Shiplap