Beyond the Fresher Look: 3 Practical Benefits of Trim for Older Homesrs

Beyond the Fresher Look: 3 Practical Benefits of Trim for Older Homesrs

It is no secret that mouldings and trims give home interiors a fresher, more polished look. So, if you want to renovate your three or four-decade-old home, trim is, indeed, a great place to start. But besides giving your old home a new look, interior trims offer many other benefits, such as:

Chair Rails Add Dimension

Chair rails are a rarity in homes these days. But back then, these trims were a definite hit. Originally designed to protect interior walls from the backs of chairs, chair rails were also used to add dimension to any room. These trims, after all, can create a dividing line in a wall that allows you to add new design elements above the rails, such as portraits, murals, and other artworks. The dividing line in a wall also creates an illusion that the room is wider and more spacious.

With that in mind, upgrading your old home’s chair rails seems an excellent way to incorporate new design elements into your home. So, take advantage of these trims, especially if you want to make your living or dining area roomy.

Baseboards Conceal Imperfect Flooring and Protect the Walls

Old homes with wood flooring are prone to have dry rot and other related problems. Replacing or refinishing wood floors in old homes, however, may result in unmatched floorboards and walls. If you don’t want to renovate all your walls, too, you may go for a baseboard installation, instead.

Baseboards can hide uneven edges on your floorboards and give your flooring and walls a cohesive look. Besides that, wood baseboard mouldings can protect the bottom of your walls from getting damaged over time. These trims can prevent dirt and inserts from creeping into your walls, too.

Window Casings Create Additional Space

Adding window casings, especially those deeper and wider ones, can create a large windowsill where you can place vases, plants, and more. Stylish and deep window casings also add elegance to a room and make it look spacious, as well.

The Challenge with Trims for Older Homes

Certainly, trims are a valuable upgrade for older homes. When working on an older home, however, you may need to match an existing trim profile that is no longer available in the market. In this case, you have two options:

  • If the current trim profile of your old home is wider than the ones in the market, look for off-the-shelf trims that are somehow similar to the old trim. Use one or more pieces of those new trims to mimic the look of one wider piece.
  • Get help from an experienced manufacturer that can custom-cut mouldings and trims for you. There are manufacturers like us that sell directly to the public and can help you find the right trims for your project.

Adding interior trims to your old home come with many benefits — both aesthetic and functional. The challenge lies, however, on picking the best trims to use to achieve the improvement you desire.

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