Miskas Wood Products is committed to engineering the finest Eastern White Pine Finger Jointed mouldings. Finger jointed products are manufactured by taking shorter pieces of quality kiln-dried lumber, machining a “finger” profile in each end of the short-length pieces, adding an appropriate structural adhesive, and squeezing the pieces together to make a longer piece of lumber. Another common name for this type of lumber is Paint Grade Lumber.


Finger Jointed Lumber has some great advantages. Straightness – result of quality short length pieces of lumber being joined together. Dimensional Stability – the length of a piece of lumber is not limited by tree size. Quality – the process allows the removal of defects to produce a product with higher engineering properties. Conservation – short-length pieces are cut out of lower grade pine and manufactured into a quality product that would have otherwise been a waste product.


Miskas Wood Products is committed to sustainable business practices and utilizes a zero waste policy. We have developed, designed and implemented a waste management system virtually converting all our waste into wood chips used by local farmers as a natural fertilizer.

Miskas Wood Products Inc. is proud to work primarily with a renewable resource. We take it a little further than most though, we work with Eastern White Pine a timber which we think is excellent! It’s grown locally in Ontario, which reduces the embedded carbon by reducing transport miles. It’s naturally resistant to decay and It does not need to be chemically treated to sustain itself in Canadian climate. It’s lightweight and durable which means it’s easy to use as well as long lasting. In short, Eastern White Pine is of the highest quality and is also one of the most environmentally friendly boards on the market.