Decorative Mouldings: Adding The Right Details For A Better Home Interior

Decorative Mouldings: Adding The Right Details For A Better Home Interior

Making sure your home stays trendy doesn’t have to take up too much time or money. With decorative wooden mouldings, adding value to your home’s interior can be an easy task. The goal is to remodel specific areas that your guests will notice right away, so the ornamental pieces serve their purpose.

Each decorative moulding has a use of its own, and knowing this will allow you to make the most of each design.

A Refined Door Casing

The front door is one of the first things a guest notices about a house. Fortunately, upgrading your entryway doesn’t have to be costly. You can make a grand statement by adding door casing.

The unfinished gap between the wall and the door of your home can be a blind spot. Instead of leaving it as it is, you can add a finish with a casing. Cover the gap with the many variations of door casing styles.

Home Advisor says the pricing of door casings will vary, depending on the materials, design and finish. It usually costs about $0.60 to $1.20 per linear foot. This kind of moulding usually has a width that spans two or three inches. The decorative element can turn a typical doorway into a striking entry.

A “CROWNED” Ceiling

Crown moulding is a whole category in itself. This type originally existed for practical reasons, but then became a room’s decorative element.

This type of moulding covers gaps where different building materials came together, by hiding the space where walls and ceilings meet. But this detail can make a room’s faded grandeur come out while hiding distracting cracks and gaps.

A crown moulding is a bold yet simple approach to help lift the space, making the ceiling appear “higher.” It’s the crowning architectural feature of your room, adding intricate silhouettes to your ceiling.

Most homeowners spend between $765 to $1,156 for these decorative additions. These prices, however, also vary, depending on the materials, design and finish.

A Decorative Picture Railing

If you think your walls need a bit of remodelling, a wooden moulding can act as a picture railing. Make your walls come alive with this element. Instead of using nails and screws to hang your picture or artwork frames, you can simply install decorative moulding onto the wall for the same purpose.

Doing so can add a subtle, minimalist touch to any room. You will often find a picture rail moulding combined with crown moulding. It’s usually one to two inches tall. The recommended installation is 7 to 9 feet off the floor.

Revamping your home’s interior is easy as long as you focus on the right areas. These decorative elements will make your remodelled door, ceiling and walls pop. For these decorative wooden mouldings, you can rely on Miskas Wooden Products.

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We have a variety of crown and other decorative wooden mouldings, ranging from backbands, chair rails, crown mouldings to door jambs, doorstops, flat stocks, panel mouldings and a whole lot more. We manufacture on-site, and use only Canadian white pine.

With the superior quality of our wooden mouldings, you can add an aesthetic detail and design to your home without exerting too much effort.

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