Enhance Your Home’s Interior With Decorative Crown Mouldings

Enhance Your Home’s Interior With Decorative Crown Mouldings

You don’t have to break walls if you’re planning a major transformation for your home. There are easier ways to enhance the interiors without major construction. You can even perform some of them yourself.

One way to make your indoor space appealing is to use high-quality decorative wood trim mouldings. They come in a variety of styles that will match any room. You can use them to unprimed or paint them based on the current décor of your home.

Choose the Right Material

Before you start your project, it is best that you find the right decorative strip for your home’s architecture. There are plenty of moulding materials in the market that serve different purposes. For example, solid-wood trim is ideal if you want to stain it. But the material is in the higher price range.

Additionally, you can go for finger-jointed woods, urethane trims, or wood composites if you plan to cover them with paint. These options are suitable if you’re working on a budget.

Wood is a better material to use for moulding compared to plastic, especially when you choose sustainable wood and a manufacturer that practices eco-friendly processes.

Excessive exposure to wetness can make wood trims to rot and mold. But you can prevent this from happening if you will cover them with a waterproof paint. This will make your mouldings last longer.

Ways You can Use Mouldings

Wood mouldings, particularly the crown types, are great accessories to your home. You can easily install them, and they add a classic look to your interior. It is important that you plan this project carefully for a successful transformation.

If you’re not sure how or where to use wood trims, several techniques can help you elevate the look of each room in your home. For instance, you could add crown moulding to your interior entrances to serve as a visual aid that emphasizes the entryway going to a certain room.

Crown mouldings can cover up cabinet soffits, the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. Although there are homeowners who install their cabinets up to the ceiling, some of them retain the space and find a solution to enhance its appearance.

Other ways to utilize crown mouldings is by adding it onto an architectural element and installing them on door headers. These will provide interesting features to the room.

Make it Modern

Some people may find wood mouldings traditional. Depending on how you’re going to use them, you can turn this material into a contemporary and even unique house feature. For a subtle design, try painting the decorative strip on the space where the wall meets the ceiling with the same color. It will create an illusion as if the finishing touch is not there.

Layering the mouldings is another technique that you can use for an appealing detail.

You can play with a variety of sizes as well. Using thick mouldings makes a room looks more elegant but be careful and try not to overdo it. Balance things out for a harmonious outcome.

Our team will help you choose the right decorative mouldings to suit your needs. Our range of wood trims is durable and come in different designs.

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