It’s All In The Details: Upgrading The Little Things Can Spruce Up Your Home

It’s All In The Details: Upgrading The Little Things Can Spruce Up Your Home

It’s the little details that give your home’s interior charm and character.

Homeowners often overlook the smaller details, like as light fixtures or mouldings, when revamping their interior space. But paying attention to these elements does not only step up your décor, but it also gives prominence to the less-prio features of your home.

Here are little changes you can make to breathe new life to your decor scheme:

Level-Up Your Light Switches

Do you remember the last time you installed new light switches and cover plates? Homeowners tend to forget to update these features when renovating or remodeling. But changing them to reflect the home’s new style can give the interior a sophisticated touch.

For example, if you have recently integrated modern features into your home, consider a new light switch with tech-friendly sensor dimmers. Most of these switches come with colored color plates. That means you do not only get to choose a style that blends well with the rest of your interior, you may also never have to get out of bed to turn the lights off again.

Work on Your Windows

Add a pop of color to your home by installing wood window trim or extensions and painting them in deep tones. Many homeowners tend to stick to white, a safe color, for their window trims. But bold-colored trims help define the scale of the room better.

A strong-colored trim also works to draw attention to unique details, such as stained glass or a cozy window seat by your bay window. As frames in general help the eye focus, a colored trim can make these other attention-worthy elements more prominent.

When choosing the accent color for your extension or trim, pick a hue from another feature in the room, such as a furniture, accessory, or fabric. If you want your trim to mimic the pattern on your upholstery, enlist the help of a talented artist.

Bold colors work best on trim that is in good condition. The trims’ patterns and colors are sure to catch the eye, so you want them worthy of the attention they draw to themselves.

Modernize Your Mouldings

Mouldings give any space an old-world feel. Their application works for traditional or cottage-style homes, but outdated mouldings will stick out like a sore thumb in a modern interior. To maintain the modern aesthetic, paint your mouldings the same color as your walls instead of using a contrasting color. You want the mouldings to blend with the walls, not to highlight them.

If your home has standout architectural elements, such as tall windows or doors, use strip mouldings to give them prominence. If there are simply no interesting features to highlight, create one by installing faux paneling to the walls’ lower parts.

You can also use strip mouldings to improve skinny baseboards. Add a piece of strip moulding about one-inch thick, some two inches above your baseboards. To create the illusion of much grander baseboards, paint the baseboard, strip, and even the wall space white.

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