More Than Meets the Eye: the Versatility of Baseboards

More Than Meets the Eye: the Versatility of Baseboards

Baseboards add an aesthetic value to your home. These interior components create a subtle appeal to your walls, providing architectural details that complement your home’s design. But with the right wood baseboard moulding services, this typical wall addition will do more than lend a finished look to your interior space.

An Essential Component for Wall Integrity

Baseboards fulfill a broader range of different purposes that make it such a versatile feature inside the home. A baseboard serves to cover the gaps between the wall surface and floor, preventing any problems when you’re mopping up the floor.  And because they’re located at the bottom of a wall, baseboards can prevent dirt from getting under it, easing the cleaning process.

It’s also a visual and figurative “stop,” allowing you to determine where the walls intersect.

These components also prove to be extremely useful in keeping insects away from creeping up the walls, adding a layer of protection to them. Of course, you need to check your baseboards for cracks or crevices in which pests may enter, to ensure protection from this component.

Choosing the Right Materials

Baseboards can be fashioned from various materials such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). While these materials are affordable and they can still get the job done, the binders and resins used in MDF have formaldehyde and PVC contains volatile substances associated with reproductive and developmental health problems.

But here at Miska’s Wood Products, we only use wood baseboards. Our extensive selection of baseboards features various styles; applicable to any home design. Our Tudor style can help fill gaps with its intricate, old-style charm. Meanwhile, our Refined Colonial style features a lavish profile that suits both modern and classic interiors.

Baseboards come in different sizes to match the dimensions in your home. Traditional homes used to have baseboards with a standard height of 3.5 to 4 inches. Today, the height of the baseboard can even go as high as 8 inches—all for the sake of adding a considerable visual appeal.

The Natural, Eco-Friendly Solution

Here at Miskas Wood Products, we offer you only the finest wood products manufactured according to our Zero Waste Policy.

To adhere to our environmental practice, we use a waste management system that converts all our waste into wood chips that local farmers use as a natural fertilizer. This same practice has helped us serve Ontario’s residents well for more than 17 years.

We offer casings and baseboards using Eastern White Pine as our timber, an excellent wood that poses no health risks such as the synthetics we’ve mentioned. It is one of the highest quality materials for multiple reasons. For starters, this lumber is not only lightweight and renewable. It’s also durable, resistant to decay, and it can stand up against our climate, which makes it an exceptional material for baseboards. Because we grow our pine in Ontario, we reduce embedded carbon by reducing transport miles.

When you partner with us, you don’t just get quality products; you contribute to the environment, too.

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